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Anytime Fitness, Chisel, Cult, MMA, Karv Maga (that’s what I do currently), Yoga(Yoga day is right next), Weight Training, Tai Chi; Fitness world in India is expanding. If you are a Millennial and on Social Media, you might be seeing Fitness commercials more across the day than probably your Boss’s face. Facebook, YouTube, Radio Stations, Google Native; every fitness hub is trying hard to find the next customer.

Let’s look at the basics you should access before you join the next fitness regime. The content assumes you are strapped for time, and can dedicate only an hour’s frame across the day at max.

What’s your Goal Exactly?

  1. Fitness as a lifestyle

Rare Find, an extremely rare find. Given the gravitational pull towards instant gratification, rarely you find people thinking of Fitness as a Lifestyle. To be honest nor did I start my Fitness regime with this thought. This is the biggest reason we have the Before/After/After-After.

workout plan

  1. Feel Awesome, Look Beach Ready

That’s the reason I started chiseling my core. I went through a bad phase where I was Fatty Lad, Dark in Tone, Bald at the head. Every girl on this planet was taken for me, and I was even late for Mars. But I have changed a little for better.

  1. Sporting Happiness

You find happiness by indulgence in some activities. You are living your sporting passions. It’s Awesome!!.

If you are wishing to look beach ready, Yoga is not the perfect workout plan for you. While on the contrary if you are looking for wellbeing, Yoga workout plan is a great bet. If you are a Field sports individual, probably contact sports like Boxing and MMA are not worth for you. Or if you are low on confidence probably contact sports are great for you.

Find out a plan that meets your Goal and keeps you happy.

How to lose weight?

After the first point, you would have said simply talk weight loss. Everything else is just crap. “I want to Lose weight”

Instagram stories, Fitness Magazines everyone’s focused on the transformation. That’s like the Gold standard for motivation.

 “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet”

“You can’t Undo Calories-I ate when I was high”

“You can’t Outrun food”

Nutritional habits have 80% impact when it comes to weight loss. So if you have procrastinating living a healthy lifestyle, due to NO TIME TO WORKOUT. You are probably just fooling around. An individual can change their body composition by changing their diet. However, it’s the combination of both that provides the complete package.

Exercising is like a catalyst to the fitness regime. It not only expedites the process but also reinforces the will power. Understanding our food is the key to success when it comes to diet.

  1. Track your calories.
  2. Understand what you are eating.
  3. Limit the sins
  4. Stack the Green
  5. Love fruits.
  6. Ditch the Sugars
  7. Sip the Juices, Skip the beverages

Do What You Enjoy

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a to-do list. Find an activity you love, because you are always a Work in Progress and will always be. No point spending hours across a routine you hate. Either you will give in or stress out from the same.

Field Hockey (Love!! Love!! Love!!), Football, Weight Training, Soccer, Swimming, Gymnasium, MMA, Kick Boxing, Squash, Lawn Tennis, Shooting, Table Tennis, Badminton, Biking, Skating, Dance, Yoga.  Find something you like and love.

If you Love what you do, and everything else will fall In line. Not able to find your sport/passion? Give me heads up–

Join Tribes

 There are some with superpower genetics (probably like a monk) who don’t move an inch even if a tornado hits them. And then there are others who if asked to keep quiet for minutes will panic.

You have a perfect looking day job, family, happiness all round, you have found your perfect workout loving it, it’s been month. But nor does your Boss understand the passion of the sport, nor does your family. What do you do? Whom do you talk to? How do you evolve?

Find people with whom you can discuss your success, engage in healthy competition, discuss your shortcomings, learn from their experience.

Strength Training

It doesn’t need to be a Gym.  It can be anywhere, where the body pushes its limitations. strength training

Everyone engaged in Fitness, irrespective of the age, sex, goal, caste, color needs to have STRENGTH TRAINING in their workout routine.  Wondering WHY?

  1. Strength training makes your muscles resilient. So your recovery is expedited.
  2. Strength makes you awesome at every activity you do.
  3. It tones up the physique adding muscles on the Bone and Skin combination.
  4. Last but by no ways least, it burns more calories throughout the day.

All Females now, “Dumbo I don’t want to bulk, I am a Lady”.

Males “I Hate those lunatics shouting at gym”

On average women have 15-20 times less testosterone than men do, so don’t worry you will not bulk.  Muscle Toning equals defined structure, but not significant muscle size. The best of looks will come from Muscle, which will be evident once the FAT has been chopped off. Engage in a high-intensity strength workout that focusses on repetitions and optimal weight to create a body definition.

Agree/Disagree/WTF? Shout out your thoughts1469968370_facebook1469968209_instagram_social_media_corporate_logo1469968286_twitter

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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