Healing your relationship with Food


There are those lucky few who gulp down Kilos without worrying about a gram of weight gain. For others, food is like a maze. some even go to an extent quoting “Hindi- Mereko toh hawa bhi lag rahi hai (English- I seem too gain weight by air too)”.

Feeling Fat or unfit all the time? spending meal times worrying about calories? Stress makes you run towards food?, you are part of that population who has made a habit to beat themselves up at every meal. Bad eating habits are extremely common in our lifestyle. While we tend to seek the solution in diets like KETO, GM, the answer is much different to the reality.

Disordered Eating starts with your mind.

You are always focused on your meal calories, rather than the nutritional quotient. “Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought”-Blaise Pascal, we have slightly tweaked it “Any greatness lies in the weight scale”. In a nutshell, your food is always about drama and guilt, instead of lasting happiness and nutrition. While I don’t say you should go ahead and order Double Cheese Burst, but you can surely have that banana shake without worrying about calories.

Habits of Disordered Eating


  1. Do you skip meals to compensate for heavy meals?
  2. Always think of yourself as a Fat person?
  3. You skip meals to feel light?
  4. Rewards are in the form of Cheat Meals?
  5. You have promised yourself a pizza when the scale hits 100?
  6. Your hypermarket bags are filled with organic and calorie-free products?
  7. You crave for Junk when stressed?

 If it was that easy to find an answer to the question of perfect diet, all of us would have been either boxing Tyson or Sprinting along Bolt. To truly heal your relationship with food, you need to ask yourself. Minor questions like Why am I am hungry all the time, dissatisfied all the time. Seeking answers from within you can help you understand the true problem.

Tips to get straight with eating: –

  1. Deep dive into your thoughts

You can either ask yourself and plan a healthy lifestyle, or you can spend the rest of your life hopping from one fad diet to another. How to live healthy is a simple question, which requires a similar answer. What has been fed to us is a little complicated plan, with a sophisticated marketing push. The idea of living healthy is about empowering ourselves with mindfulness and nutrition rather than panic attacks and meal replacement shakes.

  1. Stop starving yourself


An overweight individual goes on a starvation diet is absolutely fine in terms of Fitness, while an individual who weighs less goes on a starvation diet is a sin.  Downsizing portions or reducing the amount of food is a good strategy for weight-loss, but every individual cannot be measured on the same yardstick. Forcing someone on starvation just for a mere good before-after picture makes no sense. Nor will the individual be able to continue the routine for long, nor will it be a lifestyle for him or her. What the individual just learned is a FAD.

If your body is not receiving nutritional support it will go into Fat storing mode, which will lead to eventual weight gain and other health complications.

  1. Food is Medicine

While Pumpkin cannot be a replacement for Paracetamol, having it in its season can prevent reaching to a state to pop the latter. Eating a diet rich in a variety of foods helps to keep mind and body sane. Fueled by a healthy and rich diet, the body develops a good immune system and becomes resilient against virus and infections.

  1. Eat Food for the true you, not the skinny you

Perhaps one of the greatest sensual pleasures in life is eating a delicious meal. (Though an argument on drugs can be made, but I have no experience of that). Diving into a delicious bowl of Ice-Cream at the end of a work day is a pleasure worth dying for. The pleasure and happiness will die down as soon as the cup is finished, and you will end up sulking the entire night as you committed a crime. The thought will lead to stress, and stress eventually leads to unhappiness and weight gain.

The starvation and cabbage diet has got you to a situation you might eat an entire chocolate fudge (it’s a good portion any day). We are being programmed to believe that something is always wrong with us, that we are losing our temper when it comes to food. Correct me if I am wrong “ you will be happy eating something labeled as healthy/diet pill/Cucumber salad”; not because they taste good. But they make you feel skinny and acceptable to society.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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