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If you are looking at temporary Slip-downs through a optimistic lens, its time to realign .

If we were to compare content on weight loss Vs. Weight maintenance the ratio would be 10:1. Marketers have flooded our  E-Feeds, Ideologies, even our Grocery stores with stuff focused on weight loss with minimal focus on management. Their is nothing worse than regaining lost kilos which took you enormous amount of energy and time to lose. Nutrition and Fitness experts agree Sensible Weight Loss focuses on simple healthy eating habits and persistence of putting them into practice day in day out. Weight loss is about creating a lifestyle rather than focusing on a diet plan.

Diet plan

Weight management is way beyond fancy 4-week, 8-week fad diet plans that transform ones Guerrilla looks into Bond over a short span of time. The key to sustenance is MENTAL TRAINING if your brain chords are synced to think of Health as a struggle the ship is likely to be another Titanic. Often, people simply lack the motivation to Keep going on a fitness regime due to the complexity or harshness of it. Temporary Falls in motivation levels are a natural phenomenon, however, what needs to be avoided is a complete desert dry tank.

These simple tips will help you stay away from fads and live the real world: –

  1. Follow A Healthy Food regime.

There is no denying to the fact weight loss or weight gain is 80% game of diet.  We don’t even realize when we start adding small flavors for taste and then completely move over to a flavor base rather than a grain base. It is literally opposite to the mindful eating we did when we lost those kilos. Focusing our mind on plate, portions, size, frequency, and quality is what will make the meal nutritious rather than a slight bit of salsa topped up with lasagna. The best-cooked meal you can have any time of the day is homecooked, its time you start visiting your kitchen and grocery market for your own benefit.

  1. Exercise regularly

In a stressful environment where competition and growth piggyback like a devil, staying on top of the happiness quotient is too difficult. Exercising is a therapy not only to burn kilojoules but also to stay mentally fit. Exercising produces changes in parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety. It can also increase brain sensitivity for the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which relieve feelings of depression. Consider it as a daily dose of feel-good hormones, apparently 1 you would love to have an abundant supply off.

  1. Buy Grocery

You are as good a chef as to what’s available with you. If there is nothing available in your refrigerator which can be termed as healthy you are forced to eat unhealthily. Filling your stocks with whole foods high in fiber, variety of fruits, legumes, vegetables, healthy fats is a good way to stay away from high-calorie foods. These simple to implement changes help you stick with weight loss for long.

   4. Journals Do Help

People who keep an account of stuff they consume, how much they weigh are likely to maintain fitness tracks than those who decide everything via Mirrors. Having an Idea of how much calories different food items carry and what is the proportion you need to consume is a great metric to maintain a calorie consumption count.

Also making a note of food triggers is good to keep track of moods and how they relate to the food you eat and/or the physical activity you’re doing.

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  1. […] Weight maintenance is about finding the right balance of nutrition and exercise you can accommodate in your lifestyle. While there is no easy weight loss fix, there are several minor changes you can make to your lifestyle to develop resonance between food and health. […]

  2. Is it possible to lose weight if I eat chicken 200g every day? I want to lose with vegetables and non-vegetables. I love non-vegetables.

    1. Hi Urman,

      200 grams of chicken is like 50+ grams of protein. Whats your body weight?


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