Fitness is about Mindset rather than Programming


  [dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost of the sports and fitness companies will make you believe that all your fitness goals are achievable provided you have the right set of Gadget, the latest athletic attire, the right set of inspirational quote on your t-shirt. Ironically from their point of view the same applies whether you are training for a […]

Summer Diet Guide


How DO YOU WANT TO FEEL THIS SUMMER? Fit or Fatso? Its Summertime!!! Do you dread the heat and anxiously wait till October for the fall of Summers? A dark air-conditioned theater is your best choice for a weekend getaway. Summers, like any other season comes with its own distinct personality. While some cherish the […]

Tired of Being Tired?


Are you in a stage Early morning struggles are a regular part of your life, you feel constantly drained out and are heavily dependent on pick me ups to get you through the day, you are in a state where you prioritize a call to cafeteria for a coffee prior to morning greetings? The culture […]

Post-Exercise Meal Plan


Majority all who think about FITNESS or FITNESS as a lifestyle know that 80% of the role in the category Is played by food. You might be clocking 10 on a 100-meter race track, but how frequently you can clock the same is what your meal plan will define.  To efficiently gain from your daily […]

Lifestyle and Supplementation to balance Aging


I take this moment to share my lifestyle with you before I share a thought on it. Aging late-20’s I have lifestyle where I drive 3.5 hrs daily (why? I have a marketing profile), Work 40 hours a week (I got to earn my salary too), have a love for field hockey.  Like all I […]

2017 Health Action Plan


There is no workout, dietary supplement, medicinal pill or a training module that is the key to achieving optimal performance. Let 2017 be a year where you break free from the world of gimmicks and define a true healthier you. Stick to basics Everything that glitters is not gold. For a common man simply looking […]

Top 4 Fitness trends in 2017


Its more than Exercising, Its Medicine Nutrition has always stayed at the helm when we talk about lifestyle. It’s time to add another participant at the top. This will be the year of exercising where every corporate shifts their focus on exercising and Fitness to save their medical claim bills. Benefits of exercising go way […]

Nine to Six, Yet Fit


Finding the right balance between Work, Life, Family, Social gatherings and the last in the list for many “FITNESS” can be an unattainable task. Different aspects of life require different form of energy at different points of time and putting it all in the right basket at the right place can be overwhelming. While many […]

Are you Getting Enough Vitamin-D


This goes out to all push back recliner lovers who just don’t walk out of air conditioned premise; and if by any chance sun is felt its only while sitting in a sun baked car. One of my dear friend is part of that large group who stay excessively focused on their presentations rather than the […]

Future Food, Local Food


 Modern Food processing techniques have made seasonality a word with no relevance in the open food market. But the way nature had designed it prior to the time cold storages were invented, Foods and vegetables were seasonal and had their open space and time. On that note, sticking with food that is grown locally and […]