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dexa scan

With winters setting in, it’s time to revamp our workout routines and shift towards gain Cycles.  But before embarking on any sort of routine and making drastic changes, its better idea to have science back it. This not only helps planning a better routine but also better understand the needs.

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Every trending health story is either a catastrophic weight loss one or a surfer board vogue cover. No doubt both are challenging tasks, and accolades to all who have done it. But we have unfortunately missed the reality check. What happened to those stories after 3 or 6 months? Nearly 90% of the people end up gaining almost all the pounds shed through a rigorous routine. Majority weight loss stories revolve around eating food through a PDF file, replacing apples with supplements, and workout like you are scheduled to run along with BOLT in few months. While the so-called healthier version of you looks amazing on INSTAGRAM stories, but the picturesque figure is nothing more than a Skinny Fat version of you.

Body fat is a much better indicator of health as compared to a traditional weight scale or BMI process-which grossly underestimated body fat percentage in evaluations. While different scales project a different kind of pictures, they are often far from accurate.

During my recent read, I came across the term DEXA SCAN and fortunately went ahead with it.

What is DEXA SCAN?

DEXA-Dual-Energy X-ray absorptiometry

Dexa scan is an enhanced form of X-Ray technology. The scan provides an actual measurement of Bone weight, Fat, Lean mass across the body, detailing it to individual body parts. The scan not only measures the body composition but also helps analyze Fat-Mass Index and Lean-Mass Index. The in-depth level of detailing makes the scan more meaningful as compared to traditional BMI Metrics.

How does it happen?

Individual lie flat on a bed, face up wearing a snug fitting clothes and is exposed to a minor level of radiations. The scanning device makes continuous horizontal moves while moving vertically down. Total 1 vertical movement from head to toe is made. The total test time stands around 10 minutes. 

The scanner shares a complete skeletal structure, muscle, and Fat. Looking at the screen as the scanner moved down, I was like Take Me Off”. In hindsight, I regret all the wines and sweets I consumed in the festive season. The figures were catastrophic, but by all standards, 18% was not one thing that would make me smile.

That’s how a typical report looks like:-

dexa scan report

The detailed report is better served if you have an advisor to help you read the same. Luckily, my advisor dedicated 20 minutes with me, helping me understand and revamp my routine.

The negative side of Dexa Scan-

What you might not like about DEXA is the pricing. A single test should cost about 4000 INR. However, you would need to validate progress so it’s best to opt for at least 3 tests. This shall bring the cost down by decent margins and make it more affordable.

Advisor plays a key role in interpreting or understanding the result. While you can surely GOOGLE the facts and learn it, its best to have an expert review it.

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