Weight Maintenance: Finding a Balance


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Studies show, only 20% of the people who lose weight successfully end up maintaining it. In other words, almost every time you will lose weight, you will gain it.

The pain of being the right size for retail fashion or staying chiseled round the year is overwhelming. One must accommodate regular workouts, eat clean as a habit, and probably skip the inner aisle of grocery stores on every visit.  Blame it on our love for instant gratification and restrictive weight loss diets; weight gain seems to be inevitable. While crash diets work great on moving the needle fast, in the long term they set you up on a grilled platter of medical conditions.

weight maintenance

Weight maintenance is about finding the right balance of nutrition and exercise you can accommodate in your lifestyle. Immediate weight loss on a crash diet is just an illusion as any pounds lost is just water rather than fat.

Here are some tips to preserve your slimmer, healthier body for long.

Find Balance

Kale and Spinach Salads look good in lunch for a week or month, staying on the same for long is asking yourself to live an ascetic life. While weight loss demands you to put the pedal on the metal; weight maintenance is all about finding balance. Creating a balance of food where your regular meals are nutritional and satiating, and the occasional cheat meals satisfy the ego. Ultimately, a diet will only be true to you if you can stick with it for a long.

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Never Forget Breakfast

Undoubtedly, breakfast is the most important meal of your day. May your goal be weight loss, weight maintenance or just living a healthy lifestyle; there is no plausible deniability for not having breakfast. Breakfast provides the body with the right set of nutrition to break the overnight fast while mobilizing the body organs in a healthy way. Empty stomach start of the day makes the internal machinery work on overnight energy reserves, making us prone to binge eating and lethargy.

Weight Maintenance: Finding a Balancetwitter

Fitness is a journey, not a destination

Weight loss is a physical challenge, weight maintenance is all about fighting the mental urge. It’s a true testament of your willingness to live a healthy lifestyle. The ideology of considering “progress” as only related to scales and numbers often pulls down on the emotional quotient. The more you emphasize on visual appearances ignoring factors like personality and mindset growth, the more you pull down your motivation.


Weight loss mathematics is simple algebra. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you shed pounds. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity workout, five days a week. If you are already following a fitness regime, it does not harm increasing the intensity bar a little higher. Find an exercising routine you love and enjoy, it encourages you more to leave the couch and move.

Avoid Stress

Stress creates havoc on your metabolism.

Elevated stress levels lead to the surged production of stress hormone “cortisol”, leading to high insulin and reduced blood sugar levels, respectively.  As an immediate behavioral response, we try to fight high-stress levels with comfort and sugary foods. Pressure plays a significant role in our decision, and instead of saying “cucumbers”, we slip and say “chocolates”. If you think stress has a role to play in your weight gain, try cultivating habits like Yoga, Healthy Diet and an active lifestyle.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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  1. True words.. it is really difficult to follow a low rate calorie diet all the time or to follow fitness as jorney instead Gym Instructors or Dietitian accuse to follow that strict diet which we can follow mere one or two year treating fitness as goal to show off or post the reason of pampering or to attain dignity in known circle. But here MANU ARORA, is having the real instinct thought to maintain it, to follow it till eternity, till our best level we can. Thank you so much to help us by not getting fit but also to maintain it at it best way with great tips. Thank you sir once again.

    1. thanks for your feedback.
      Happy Karma!!!

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