Workout without lifting weights


Not every time and every day you can make it to the gym. For those days when time moves faster than global crude, being clever and working with body weights is the best solution.

For someone whose life is counted by the miles traveled, or someone who has a day job that leaves him strapped for time in personal life; hitting a commercial gym can be a far borne reality. Its far better to get a Airbnb workout, rather than walking down the streets of south Asia and asking locals “where is the gym”.

Basic bodyweight workout

Try surfing home workout videos on the internet and you will end up with 8 Million results. Different coaches and trainers have different viewpoint on home workout sets. While some push towards a core dominant workout, others push a little more towards agility. When you are running short of time and commercial equipment’s, variations of the following 4 exercises should largely serve your purpose. Try varying the intensity and approach of all the exercises to push a little harder and reap more benefits.

Squats and Lunges

Without an iota of doubt, squats and lunges are the two best exercises when it comes to strengthening of glutes and thighs. Try bringing in variation with weighted lunges, high repetition squats, box jumps and other plausible variations.


No workout is complete without push-ups. Its one the simplest and most efficient ways to train shoulder, chest and arms. From Vanilla push-up to handstand pushups, vary as per your potential.

That’s also one form:-

Push ups

Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups

The real test of body strength. In my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand I noticed a small kiosk on the Bangla street market which gave you a whiskey bottle, if you could hold a pull-up bar for 2 minutes. I am sure many of us cant do this for 2 minutes.  Chin-ups and Pull-ups literally train every muscle of the body to a significant degree.


The ultimate form of core strength training, way better and safe as compared to commercial abdominal workout equipment’s.


Progression is the key:-

  1. Multiply the Reps

Traditional superstars are a living example of the same. The key is push the limits and do maximum reps you can to build up endurance and test your metal. While this movement will surely not help you much in gaining, but it surely acts as a catalyst when you hit the metal with heavy weights.

  1. Up the ante of intensity

While it may sound absurd, but why not try a full routine of bodyweight workout with no or minimal rest in between. Draw a plan where your first set is maximum reps with gradual reduction in reps, while keeping minimal rest in between sets.

  1. Quick witted on weights

    books as weight

Metal is not the only thing which can be used as weight. Real life instance whenever I have my niece at home and I am working out, I make her sit on my back while I do my push-ups. Try to use some household weights, or bricks if you are in a park or ask your partner for assistance. Creativity is the mother of all inventions.

  1. Slow-Mo

While it may sound easy, but the reality is complete opposite in slow motion variations. Stretch the movement time as much as you can, while not being static in one position. Try to draw the movement slowly doubling the time of a regular rep.

  1. Doubling the weight/Slicing the support half

Wish to add little more intensity to your workout, how about reducing the support to half. Single leg box jump, Bulgarian squat, single arm push press, single hand push-ups. While this surely is a tough to go task, but why not give it a try.

The key is just doesn’t doing exercise, its progressing on them.


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