Your Bag might be Wrecking Your Back


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In love with your swanky Sleeve/Messenger Bag? While the slings rock on the look, these bags are detrimental to your natural gait cycle.

For any millennial working professional, Sleeve/handbag is more than just a laptop carrier. It’s like a mini Walmartshoulder bags carrying all the essentials we might need through the day(or in case Thanos rubs his fingers). While the ergonomics of sleeve only factors in laptops, the reality is a bag filled with power bank, chargers, water bottle, deodorant, wallet, files, and some personal stuff. In our aspiration to imitate fashion from all corners, we seem to be outrunning the reality of the moment. Carrying pounds of heavy possession in a side bag throws the entire body skeletal structure out of alignment putting undue pressure on spine, neck, and shoulder.

If you are experiencing Shoulder/Buttock/Neck/Spine pain after your traveling hours- your bad might be a big reason to blame.


Strategies to choose a back-friendly bag:-

  1. Wear BackPacks

Backpacks might sound old school and out of fashion, but in reality, are your best bet for you if you carry loaded bags. The dual straps help evenly distribute weight across the spine maintaining the natural gait cycle of the body, while pulling the shoulders back continuously. Contrary to the sleeves and sling bags where the weight is distributed on one shoulder, backpacks keep the weight evenly distributed.


  1. Don’t Stuff In

While backpacks are ideal, they are not to test your muscular capacity across the day. The ideal weight of a bag would be 10 percent of your body weight. While those leisure things look necessary for a work day, they do add decent weight to the carry.  If the bag feels heavy, see if there’s stuff you can do without.

  1. Choose the smallest

Choose the smallest of bag size for all your daily travels. Bigger the size, more it becomes lucrative to add the not so important stuff. That book you have been carrying to read in metro weighs approximately 200 grams, and you might not even have read more than 7 pages in 7 days. Do a reality check.

  1. Thick Straps

Skip the fashion statement and follow thick straps. Thin straps cut into your muscle leading to back problems. WIder straps fully distribute weight across the entire shoulder leading to symmetry and fewer events of spasm.

  1. Switch sides

If you carry your laptop, or other essentials in a side bag, at a minimum, switch shoulders or split the content into 2 bags, so the weight is evenly distributed. Sling bags/Sleeves/Tote put excessive pressure on one shoulder, which the body has to counter by lifting the shoulder up to match symmetry. Unnecessary pressure leads to strains and all too often, pain.

Ever thought your back pain might be related to your bag?  What bag do you carry?

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