Soupergirl Net Worth (2024), Shark Tank Update

explores Soupergirl net worth and other related information. Soupergirl is famous for creating vegan, gluten-free, and kosher soups with a contemporary twist, showcasing modern flavors.

Sara Polin and her mother, Marilyn Polin, established Soupergirl. They use traditional cooking methods to emphasize the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients and unique additions. This approach enables them to offer customers healthier and more flavorful soup options.

Soupergirl Net Worth

Soupergirl’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2024.

About Soupergirl

Soupergirl is an organization dedicated to providing consumers with a diverse range of delicious and nutritious eating options. The company specializes in crafting soups that adhere to kosher, gluten-free, and vegan dietary preferences.

They employ traditional culinary techniques and prioritize the use of seasonal and fresh ingredients. Moreover, they incorporate unique ingredients to offer customers improved and healthier soup choices.

Soupergirl caters to two distinct customer segments: those who appreciate high-quality soup and individuals who prioritize healthy eating. Surprisingly, their soups boast superior taste compared to products made with synthetic flavors or preservatives. Also you will love to read: Derek Lipp Net Worth 2024, Wiki, Age, Wife & More

About Soupergirl Founder

Soupergirl is a company dedicated to delivering high-quality soup products to customers. Founded in 2008 by Sara Polin and her mother, Marilyn Polin, Soupergirl takes pride in the superior quality of their soups as a dietary supplement.

The mother-daughter team is committed to offering nutritious eating options through ethical sourcing of ingredients. Their overarching goal is to enhance dinnertime efficiency by providing wholesome and delicious soup choices.

Soupergirl Bio

Company NameSoupergirl
Soupergirl FoundersSara Polin and Marilyn Polin
Soupergirl Founded 2008
Soupergirl HeadquartersWashington, District of Columbia
Soupergirl Product Healthy Soup Alternative
Soupergirl Asked For $500,000 for 10% equity
Soupergirl Shark TankMatt Higgins acts as adviser
Soupergirl Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 10 Episode 3
Company Size11-50 Employees
TypePrivate Held
Air DateOctober 21, 2018
Business Status (2024)In Business
Soupergirl Net Worth $5 million
Soupergirl net worth
Soupergirl net worth

Soupergirl As A Social Media Influencer

Social Media PlatformLink Destination
Soupergirl InstagramClick here
Soupergirl FacebookClick here
Soupergirl TwitterClick here
Soupergirl YouTubeClick here
Soupergirl LinkedinClick here
Soupergirl WebsiteClick here

Advantages and Disadvantages of Soupergirl

Advantages of Soupergirl

  • Soupergirl is a company committed to providing customers with high-quality soup products. Established in 2008 by Sara Polin and her mother Marilyn Polin, Soupergirl stands out by using locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create their soups. This dedication to fresh and local components not only ensures superior quality but also aligns with their goal of offering nutritious eating options and transforming dinnertime efficiency.
  • Soupergirl takes pride in crafting soups that are 100% vegan. Established in 2008 by Sara Polin and her mother Marilyn Polin, the company is dedicated to providing high-quality, plant-based soup options. With a commitment to using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, Soupergirl ensures that their soups are not only delicious but also align with a vegan lifestyle.
  • In addition, Soupergirl’s products are known for their excellent packaging.
  • Soupergirl strives to offer a broad range of seasonal possibilities throughout the year.
  • By avoiding the use of artificial flavors, Soupergirl achieves outstanding and natural flavors in its products.
  • If you follow Soupergirl’s guidelines, their products can be easily stocked and stored.
  • Customers can enjoy savings through recurring promo codes when making purchases.
  • Soupergirl provides a wholesome substitute for both soups and full meals.

Disadvantages of Soupergirl 

  • Currently, the products are not available at neighborhood grocers or shops.

Soupergirl Before Shark Tank

Sara Polon and her mother, Marilyn Polon, founded Soupergirl with the aim of addressing the lack of wholesome soup options in supermarkets.

Soupergirl exclusively utilizes natural ingredients in the crafting of their soups. They prioritize plant-based sources of protein and fiber, while carefully minimizing salt and fat content.

Following the consumption of the soups, Marilyn experienced a decrease in her cholesterol readings. Soupergirl initially started as a small-town soup delivery service, offering a diverse selection of soups.

The need for additional funding posed a challenge when expanding nationally. To overcome this hurdle, they decided to apply to Shark Tank. They were invited to participate in the third episode of the tenth season, where Matt Higgins served as a special guest shark.

Soupergirl After Shark Tank Update

Soupergirl successfully expanded its reach through the establishment of an online store and the introduction of online ordering. This allows for the convenient delivery of meals through the internet.

The pandemic compelled Soupergirl to shutter its main locations in Washington, but the company managed to secure $2,000,000 in funding from Chevy Chase and Arborview Capital.

The company’s growth is evident with 13,000 social media followers and 6,000 Instagram followers. Soupergirl has also been shortlisted by the Kroger Go Fresh and Local Supplier Accelerator.

In 2021, they generated $9,000,000 in revenue, showcasing the resilience and commitment to their principles.

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